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About Nainital

Nainital Fact File

  • Nainital is located at an average elevation of 2084 metres (6837 feet).
  • It has an average area of 11.73 sq kms.
  • Maximum Temperature - 27°C(81°F)
  • Minimum Temperature - 7°C(45°F)
  • Nainital Receives Snowfall between December to February
  • During Snowfall temperature may go down upto -3°C(26.6°F)
  • Hindi, Kumaoni, English Languages are spoken here
  • Average Literacy Rate - 91%

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More About Nainital

Nainital Travel
Nainital - Location
Nainital is Located in the state of Uttarakhand and is the headquarters of Nainital District in Kumaon Foothills. It is approximately 280kms from Delhi, the national capital.

Nainital - Mythology
As per Skand Puranas, Nainital Laker was called Tri-Rishi-Sarovar, that says the story of three sages - Atri, Pulstya and Pulaha. When they found that there was no water in Nainital, they dug a large hole and filled it with water from the holy lake Mansarovar in Tibet, which was later know as Naini Lake, This is considered amongst 64 Shakti peeth (A place where the charred body of Goddess Sati fell on Earth), and this was the place where the Eyes(Nain) was belived to fall and hence was know and Nain-tal, which was later transformed to Nainital.

Nainital - History
The kumaon hill was under British rule duing (1814-16), but the hill station was founded in 1841. The town then, soon became a health resort for british soldiers, officials and their families who came here to escape heat of plains. Later it also became the summer residence of the Governor of Unitd Provinces.

Nainital - Lakes
There are number of beautiful lakes in and around Nainital which are the major attraction of Nainital Tourism. They are as follows:

  • Naini Tal - The most famous lake of Nainital.
  • Khurpa Tal - also knows as Trowel Lake and is about 11 kms from Nainital.
  • Sat Tal - "Sat" stand for "Seven" and it consists of Seven lakes namely - Ram Tal, Laxman Tal, Sita Tal, Purna Tal, Nal-Damyanti Tal, Garud Tal and Sukh Tal. It is situated approximately 22 kms from Nainital.
  • Bhim Tal - This lake is named after legendary hero "Bhim" of epic mahabharata and is situated 2 kms from Sat Tal.
  • Naukuchia Tal - The name stands for Nine Corner Lake, and is situated 4 kms from Bhim Tal.

Nainital - Shopping
Tourism in Nainital has no meaning without shopping. Mallital, Tallital and Tibetan Market are the places to shop in Nainital. Mall Road is the most rush area duing tourism season. Hill Top tourist point and Kasta Kala Kendra Collection are the places where you can shop for handicraft items.

Nainital - How to Reach
Pant Nagar is the nearest Airport for Nainital and is approximately 70 kms from Nainital and Kathgodam is the nearest Railway Station and is approximately 40 kms from Nainital. A bus or a taxi can be hired to reach Nainital from both the places. Nainital is well connected by Road to other parts of the Country and can be easily reached from major cities in India like Delhi, Lucknow, Agra, Bareilly etc.

Nainital - Festivals
Festive season can add extra joy to your nainital tourism. In September a festival takes place in honor of Naina Devi, and is one of the most important festival of Nainital. Kumaon Festival is held in month of October and November.